Shannon Wood - Nutrition Programs


Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant
Certified Pre and Post Natal
Certified Core Strength for Pregnancy
Certified Yoga Instructor
Reebok Certified Spin Instructor


Shannon is ready to show you the tools you need for a lifetime of healthy eating. There are no quick fixes here! She will guide you on how to make healthier food and snack choices, learn portion control and proper calorie intake. There are several different packages to choose from and having a guide and support system means your chances of success are much greater. You can book independently or use a session in a training package to meet with her.

Her plans are simple, easy to follow, and make sense. And the best part is that you never feel like you are on a diet! You still get to enjoy delicious food and treats. When you are ready to feel better, have more energy and get control of your eating habits, give us call to schedule a consultation with Shannon.


Learn proper serving sizes and how many calories you should be eating based on your age, sex, height, weight and activity level! You will also learn what percentage of these calories should be coming from carbohydrates, protein and fat in order to meet your personal goals. Maybe you want to loose weight, leaning out or gaining muscle mass. A basic food plan will be personally developed for you, along with a shopping list of essential items for your kitchen.


Daily feedback and advice is provided based on your current eating habits and exercise routine. Simply email your food diary every day and you will receive tips on how to reduce fat, lower cholesterol, lower salt and increase protein. Daily emails create accountability. It is proven that people who keep a food dairy are more successful than people who don’t.


Learn how to read product labels and what they mean to you! Learn about serving sizes, where your calories should be coming from, how much fiber, cholesterol, saturated and trans fat you should be consuming. We will discuss what items you should be putting into your basket. Find out how to look for hidden fats and key words to watch out for. Receive a shopping list and tasty new recipes to help make healthier choices for you and your family. All tours take place at Budget Foods in Ladner.


Bring your shopping list to Budget Foods and we will shop together! This includes everything that is provided in the Grocery Store Tour.


Want all the benefits of the Grocery Store Tour, but in the privacy of your own home? Then this is for you! I will show you healthier options for you and your family


Looking for a customized food plan created specifically for you?
Choose from one week or two weeks, and receive your customized food plan. (Includes 3 meals a day and snacks)

1 week (7 days of meals): $199

2 weeks (14 days of meals): $350

“As a 62 year old woman, I’m well aware of the benefits of exercising and, in particular, weight training.  I’ve been working with Shannon for a year now and have found that I feel very empowered in and with the strength, weight loss and muscle definition that I’ve gained in addition to range of motion.  I’ve recently run a running race where I came in second in my age group and contribute that outcome directly to training with Shannon.  She’s a wonderful trainer… experienced, fun, funny and always, always holds me accountable… which I love.  I highly recommend Shannon and miss my workouts when I can’t attend.”

Kathy Knudson

“Regular exercise gives me a feeling of well being that I don’t get from other activities. I’m stronger and more coordinated than when I was younger, which I feel is important to maintain as I age. Whether it’s weights or cardio Shannon makes all my workouts challenging, fun and something I look forward to.”

Heather Prieswerk
“ The trainers push us hard enough to get the results we want while keeping it fun ”
Karen and Patti
“ I started training at Muscle Memory with my daughter because we were looking to upgrade our own workouts. I enjoy the atmosphere, and since I started coming, I’ve completed the Delta triathlon two years in a row. I am in the best shape of my life, stronger than I was in my twenties. Personal Training is the best way to improve your fitness. ”
Greg Baron
“ I highly recommend Muscle Memory and their fantastic trainers to anyone with a specific fitness goal or just looking for a healthier lifestyle. Oh, and my own resolution – down 43 pounds! Thanks Mike! ”
Christina Johnson

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