Rob Gillespie - Owner of Muscle Memory - Personal Trainer


Owner of Muscle Memory
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Titleist Golf Fitness Trainer
CSIA Ski Instructor and Coach
Reebok Certified Spin Instructor

Rob has owned and operated Muscle Memory since 2007 and has a great passion for fitness and athletics. He graduated high school with sports and recreation leadership and continued his fitness education and career from there. His experience lies in sport-specific training which focuses on golf, skiing and hockey, but he also enjoys one-on-one personal training with local clients.

When he is not in the studio, you can find him running the hills of Tsawwassen, sailing or spending time with his two boys. It is rare to see him there, but Rob has been a proud member of Beach Grove Golf Club since 2007. He also plays hockey and continues to work as a part time ski instructor for Blackcomb in the winter.

His philosophy is to create a fun and welcoming environment for clients to develop and attain their fitness and health goals. Rob wants Muscle Memory to be a positive impact not only for his clients, but the entire South Delta community. He is always taking the opportunity to participate and volunteer for local charities and events.

Muscle Memory is a reflection of his lifestyle and how he wants to impact our community.


Bachelor of Kinesiology
Diploma of Kinesiology
Pain Free Performance Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer

Evan was born and raised in Tsawwassen and grew up playing competitive soccer and baseball. He also gained experience in both kickboxing and volleyball, before focusing solely on soccer at a varsity level.

Evan holds extended knowledge about exercise science, as he completed both his diploma and bachelors of kinesiology at UBC. He also studied sports nutrition, which has complemented his service as a fitness coach for the last four and a half years. Evan has coached clients ages 12-70, all with a wide variety of goals.

Evan sees himself as a very passionate and engaging trainer who invests himself fully into the service he provides. He believes in providing a level of coaching that is full circle, in that his clients experience positive benefits both mentally and physically. Evan will guide you in the direction you want to go in both a sustainable and attainable way.

Evan Mark - Personal Trainer
Steve Mcleod - Personal Trainer


Certified Personal Trainer
Level 1 Coach

Steve is a valuable member of our team at Muscle Memory and lifelong resident of South Delta. Steve made a career change after working 20 years in logistics and operations to follow his passion for fitness. He loves to help lead others to their goals. Steve has an extensive athletic resume which includes playing Jr. A lacrosse for Coquitlam and fifteen years with the Ladner Pioneers. He learned the value of having a personal trainer when he hired his own, who got him in the best shape of his life after retiring from sports.

He enjoys training clients at Muscle Memory of all different ages and levels of fitness, and teaches some of our famous Fat Burner classes. Steve is involved in many community sports. He coaches lacrosse and trains youth hockey, swim teams, and elite athletes to compete at the highest levels of the sport. Steve enjoys golfing and travel, and can usually be found driving his kids around the community to their swimming, soccer, lacrosse, and horseback riding.


Certified Athletic Therapist CAT(C)
Bachelor of Kinesiology BHK
CSEP-CPT Candidate

Morgan was born and raised in Tsawwassen and very active in community sports. She played volleyball, soccer, softball and tennis. She attended Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia and graduated from the Faculty of Kinesiology with a minor in psychology. She then pursued an Athletic Therapy Certification from Mount Royal University in Calgary. She successfully completed the program in 2013 and went on to work with the Richmond Sockeyes Junior Hockey Team, Volleyball Canada, and BC Rugby as part of their medical staff.

You can find Morgan training clients at Muscle Memory or at Sungod Physiotherapy, in Tsawwassen and Ladner, as the head of the active rehab program. Morgan knows firsthand the importance of physical activity, whether it is during the rehabilitation stages of an injury or the need to integrate it in everyday life. She is here for you every step of the way.

Morgan is a certified athletic therapist and kinesiologist. She is accepting ICBC patients, personal training clients, as well as those who are interested in an active rehab program at Muscle Memory.


Morgan Sangster - Personal Trainer
Shannon Wood - Personal Trainer


Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant
Certified Pre and Post Natal
Certified Core Strength for Pregnancy
Certified Yoga Instructor
Reebok Certified Spin Instructor

If you have ever stepped into Muscle Memory then you know exactly who Shannon is and why she is such a sought after trainer. Her energetic personality is displayed daily with her personal training clients and her highly motivating classes. She runs some of the best classes in south delta, including Bootcamp, Spin, and her specially created HIIT and Stretch.

Shannon also does nutritional consulting at Muscle Memory. Clients find great success when combining nutritional consulting with a fitness program. Her philosophy is about taking one day at a time and making daily positive choices. If you are lucky enough to become one of her clients or get a spot in one of her classes, you will quickly see why she is a huge name all over South Delta.


Certified Personal Trainer
Diploma in Fitness and Aerobics from IFAA
Certified International Zumba Fitness Instructor and SM System Instructor

Barbara has worked in the fitness industry for over eighteen years and sports/fitness has been her passion since she was a child. She was a competitive skier and trained in dance in University. She loves to move, run, dance and do yoga. She also does the Spartan Race at least once a year because trainers should challenge themselves too! She does personal training here at Muscle Memory as well as run her personally designed Body Fit class.

Barbara’s goal as a trainer is to provide high quality training for a wide variety of clients based on their individual needs and abilities. She always tries to encourage people to do their best and prove that a good workout can be fun. She loves the diversity this job brings with different personalities, levels of fitness, and personal goals. She continues to educate herself because the fitness industry is continually changing, improving and expanding. Her Motto is “Everything is possible because each and every day is the right day to start, to move, to do better and to feel better”.

Barbara Sibertova - Personal Trainer
Nancy Coles - Personal Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer NSCA
Trainer of Fitness Leaders BCRPA
Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Nancy has worked in health and fitness for over twenty-five years as an Athletic Therapist, Corporate Health Manager, Personal Trainer and Sports & Holistic Nutritionist. She has worked in corporate health and fitness, trained sports teams along with competitive recreational athletes. Nancy loves to take on personal training clients who aspire to a better quality of life, combining activity and holistic nutrition to achieve their goals and overcome any health concerns.

When Nancy is not training clients you can find her mountain biking, snow shoeing, running or reading a good book. She loves the lower mainland for our access to the great outdoors and believes in nature therapy. Exercising in nature is great for the body, mind and soul. Her philosophy is that quality nutrition and daily fitness should be a way of life and not an obsession or chore. Clients have amazing success combining her nutrition consulting and fitness plans together for a well balanced lifestyle.


Jarrett Smith has been working in the fitness industry since 2012 and loves helping people achieve their goals in the community he grew up in.

Jarrett spent most of his teenage years out of shape and unhealthy. He dedicated himself to a life of fitness and changed his lifestyle as a young adult. He loves to draw from his own experience when helping those he coaches at Muscle Memory.

Jarrett is a Pro lacrosse official and enjoys volunteering with the younger referees at Delta Lacrosse Association. He is also an avid snowboarder and member of Canada’s Ski Patrol. You can also find Jarrett hanging out around Ladner with his dog Dodge!

Jarret Smith - Personal Trainer
Anne Herringer - Personal Trainer


Certified Personal Trainer

Anne started in the fitness industry working for the Red Cross at the age of fifteen. She has continued a lifetime career working and managing in fitness. She also worked for Infofit as an instructor/student resource for over seven years. She is currently enjoying personal training at Muscle Memory for the one on one aspect. She loves developing individual plans and witnessing personal growth in clients. She also teaches our very popular Senior Strength and Balance class.

Anne has a holistic approach to health and fitness. The mind, body and soul work together and need to be taken care of. She is flexible and adaptable as a trainer because client needs can change on a daily or weekly basis. Anne works with a variety of fitness levels and abilities. She is also very experienced working with clients in the rehabilitation stages of an injury or recovery. Anne is approachable and the one to come and see if you are nervous or apprehensive about starting a fitness program.


Certified Personal Trainer
Functional Movement Specialist
Functional Movement Assessment Specialist
Functional Strength Specialist
TRX Qualified

My name’s Jordon Stevenson I grew up and have lived in Tsawwassen pretty much my whole life. For the last 5 years I have been working diligently as a certified Personal trainer. I typically spend about 8-16 hours a day helping individuals with their fitness goals. If I am not training people, I enjoy golfing, hiking, paddle boarding, and pretty much anything you can do outdoors.

Having the pleasure to help hundreds of people work towards and achieve their fitness goals is something that I always find extremely satisfying. I have built my value by continuing to further my education and being up to date on current training techniques/procedures. In using these proven techniques, I have been able to see great success with people’s mobility, strength, and body composition. As well as in pain reduction or complete removal of pain through movement and by improving fascial glide (Self Myofascial Release or foam rolling).

I specialize in Functional Strength and mobility, but not limited to. I have helped people rehabilitate shoulders, hips, knees, and backs after suffering an injury or surgery. Although I prefer to prevent injuries through safe training practices focusing on quality movement and optimizing your biomechanics. I would love the opportunity to show you how I can help you!

Always focused on your goals I provide excellent service by taking a holistic approach to training. Exercise, and recovery. Move Better & Feel Better.

Jordon-Stevenson - Personal Trainer
Monica - Personal Trainer


Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Muscle Activation Specialist
OsteofitEducator and Fitness Leader
Trainer of Fitness Leaders (TFL)
Certified Life Coach

Monica, a certified fitness trainer since 2007, is a Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) specialist that assesses range of motion and reactivates weak muscles in the body to restore muscular balance. She is also certified in Osteofit and Functional Movement Systems I & II (FMS).

Monica has a Health and Fitness Certificate from SFU and is a qualified BC Sports Aid Specialist in athletic taping and sports first aid. She is a certified Weight Trainer, Personal Trainer, Older Adult, Osteofit and Aquafit Instructor and Trainer of Fitness Leaders (TFL) for Canadian Fitness Education Services (CFES) and British Columbia Parks & Recreation (BCRPA).

Her primary focus is working with clients on their balance, mobility, strength, muscle activation and/or functional movement patterns to enhance their ability to move more effectively and efficiently.
For clients who may be mentally or emotionally stuck, Monica is also a Certified Life Coach. She empowers her clients to identify key concerns and challenges in their life and guides them to discover and implement new desired behaviours or goals.

Monica enjoys the outdoors and many sports including tennis, pickle ball, golf, cycling, skiing, and swimming. She is passionate about empowering her clients to take charge of their well being, physically, mentally, and emotionally, so they can continue to lead active healthy lives.

Her motto: “The groundwork of all happiness is health”, James Leigh Hunt


Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Nutritionist
Active Rehab and Injury Prevention
Strength + Conditioning Coach

Since becoming a personal trainer in 2019, Jeff has helped many people connect to their body through diet and exercise. “I believe everybody deserves the right to live a pain free life, and to have the tools and support needed to reach their highest potential. I became a trainer because I realized there was a substantial amount of people suffering with everyday aches and pains, and through my own experiences knew that learning the right exercises can really enhance the quality of life.”

A new resident of Tsawwassen, Jeff is looking forward to impacting many people within the community and helping them live a stronger, healthier life. “Using proven techniques my goal is to simplify movement patterns, re-enforce structure and routine, and make the experience fun and enjoyable along the journey!”

From mastering foundational movement patterns, feeling more confident in your workouts, or finding creative ways to crush your goals – Jeff has a wide range of knowledge and expertise to help people of all fitness levels, to help fuel growth both inside and outside the gym.

Muscle Memory - Jeff Friesen - Personal Trainer

“As a 62 year old woman, I’m well aware of the benefits of exercising and, in particular, weight training.  I’ve been working with Shannon for a year now and have found that I feel very empowered in and with the strength, weight loss and muscle definition that I’ve gained in addition to range of motion.  I’ve recently run a running race where I came in second in my age group and contribute that outcome directly to training with Shannon.  She’s a wonderful trainer… experienced, fun, funny and always, always holds me accountable… which I love.  I highly recommend Shannon and miss my workouts when I can’t attend.”

Kathy Knudson

“Regular exercise gives me a feeling of well being that I don’t get from other activities. I’m stronger and more coordinated than when I was younger, which I feel is important to maintain as I age. Whether it’s weights or cardio Shannon makes all my workouts challenging, fun and something I look forward to.”

Heather Prieswerk
“ The trainers push us hard enough to get the results we want while keeping it fun ”
Karen and Patti
“ I started training at Muscle Memory with my daughter because we were looking to upgrade our own workouts. I enjoy the atmosphere, and since I started coming, I’ve completed the Delta triathlon two years in a row. I am in the best shape of my life, stronger than I was in my twenties. Personal Training is the best way to improve your fitness. ”
Greg Baron
“ I highly recommend Muscle Memory and their fantastic trainers to anyone with a specific fitness goal or just looking for a healthier lifestyle. Oh, and my own resolution – down 43 pounds! Thanks Mike! ”
Christina Johnson

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